Long weekend windsurfing


We had a 3 day weekend as 25 April is the revolution and liberation Day in Portugal

We were lucky to have great weather and wind in these 3 days!! So we went windsurfing in our home spot.

On Saturday and Sunday i sailed with my Severne Overdrive 7.8 and Isonic 117W, more full power on Saturday.

I´m still tuning the sail but I’m getting there only lacking more speed but the control and early planning ate on point!!

On Monday the wind was lighter so i tool the Overdrive 8.5 for a spin…..in the beginning i was out of control but the i applied more downhaul and was on control…….again I’m lacking of full speed….i thinking it is the season start so a little rusty and not committing to full speed runs!! Maybe missing my balls!! :) :)

Overall it was an awesome 3 day weekend with my friend on the water…….I’m wasted!!

Let’s wait for now for the good weather and trade north winds come to stay!!


GPS Tracks

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2016 Season opened

Hi All

Nearly 1 year later I’m back for posting!! Sorry for the delay but I’ve been very busy working, windsurfing and playing around with my kids!! so no much time left for posting!!

I hope this year is different and i can post more….let’s see…

We opened the season on 20th of February with a great warm and sunny day and wind ranging 15 to 20 knots and sailing with Isonic 117 W and OD 8.5!!!

It was great to be back after more than 3 months of the water due to lack of wind and a hernia inguinal surgery that i had to do!!! Took it easy and windsurfed for nearly 15km with great pleasure!!

In March i sailed 3 days!!! 2 of them with me new Severne OD 7.8 that i bought so i could complement my sail quiver!! Good feelings with the sail despite it´s not yet fully tuned!!

The other day in March i sailed fullpower in 25 knots of wind with OD 7.0m!!

Now we are in April but having the worst April ever i can remember since i started windsurfing in 2007!!! Every weekend is rainy and the predications are like this maybe until the end of the month!!! SHIT!!!

Let’s hope things change and i can sail in April!!!


New Sail – Severne Overdrive 7.8 R5



First day on the water in 2016!!




GPS Tracks

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2015 Season opened

Hello there

After nearly one year of non blogging i´m back!!
Just had to take some time off and 2014 in terms of wind was not so good so i didn’t have that thrill to post.
But lets forget that and move on to the 2015 season opening for me!! YESSS!!

Started out on saturday with a very light wind day where i went out wit my OD 8.5 and Isonic 117 W and had some blasting around but with of lot of pumping to get going!!!

On sunday it was supposed to have a little more wind but for our surprise it kicked in 25 to 30 knots!!!
I rigged my OD 6.2 and my new Isonic 107 but then the wind picked up to + 30knots so i decided to not go out and kill myself :) so i waited on the beach for a hour until the wind came back to 25 – 30 knots and went out for the first full powers runs of 2015!!

WoW!!! The adrenaline raised up till the roof!! :)
The Isonic 107 2014 rocks!!!

Never had a board so good with the best gybing ever performance!!! A must have for any racer or freeracer that wants to go fast with control and gybe like Albeau!!! Thrilled with it!!

Great two days on the water at my home spot and with my usual friends :)

So after this promising weekend i am back to the work day and looking already and windguru for the weekend!!


OD 6.2 and Isonic 107



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More Slalom training


Well the season has started but slowly…..having some good wind some days but then having a long period without good wind.

So far i´ve done 4 slalom sessions this year…….only with bit kit.….7.0 up and always my Isonic 117W.

I´ve got this board recently and it rocks!!!! Very easy and fast to get planning and very good when overpowered to control it!!!

Yesterday at my home spot in light winds i had another great slolom session!!! 41Kms done…..not much speed because of the wind angle but a good day on the water with friends

Getting my gybes better and smother but only can get a few out planning!!! I think I have to be more aggressive and flip the sail earlier!!! Let’s keep training….I’m going to try to put up some kind of video footage so I can see what I’m doing wrong……

GPS tracks:

Photos taken by me cell phone on the water:



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