2015 Season opened

Hello there

After nearly one year of non blogging i´m back!!
Just had to take some time off and 2014 in terms of wind was not so good so i didn’t have that thrill to post.
But lets forget that and move on to the 2015 season opening for me!! YESSS!!

Started out on saturday with a very light wind day where i went out wit my OD 8.5 and Isonic 117 W and had some blasting around but with of lot of pumping to get going!!!

On sunday it was supposed to have a little more wind but for our surprise it kicked in 25 to 30 knots!!!
I rigged my OD 6.2 and my new Isonic 107 but then the wind picked up to + 30knots so i decided to not go out and kill myself :) so i waited on the beach for a hour until the wind came back to 25 – 30 knots and went out for the first full powers runs of 2015!!

WoW!!! The adrenaline raised up till the roof!! :)
The Isonic 107 2014 rocks!!!

Never had a board so good with the best gybing ever performance!!! A must have for any racer or freeracer that wants to go fast with control and gybe like Albeau!!! Thrilled with it!!

Great two days on the water at my home spot and with my usual friends :)

So after this promising weekend i am back to the work day and looking already and windguru for the weekend!!


OD 6.2 and Isonic 107



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More Slalom training


Well the season has started but slowly…..having some good wind some days but then having a long period without good wind.

So far i´ve done 4 slalom sessions this year…….only with bit kit.….7.0 up and always my Isonic 117W.

I´ve got this board recently and it rocks!!!! Very easy and fast to get planning and very good when overpowered to control it!!!

Yesterday at my home spot in light winds i had another great slolom session!!! 41Kms done…..not much speed because of the wind angle but a good day on the water with friends

Getting my gybes better and smother but only can get a few out planning!!! I think I have to be more aggressive and flip the sail earlier!!! Let’s keep training….I’m going to try to put up some kind of video footage so I can see what I’m doing wrong……

GPS tracks:

Photos taken by me cell phone on the water:



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2014 Season is opened!!!

Hi there

After a long period without posting I’m back!!!

I´m back because the windsurfing season is finally opened for me!!!

After a very rainy winter the sun and north thermal winds finally came in this weekend!!!

Being very nervous all week long looking at windguru and hoping that the wind would come in I called my friends and we made Saturday morning the go or no go!!!

So Saturday arrived very sunny and a little breeze from north…..so it was a go for sure!!! Phone calls made and I was on the road…..arriving at the spot the wind was around 12 knots from NW and climbing!!!! YESSS!!!

We rigged big sails…..i rigged my Overdrive 8.5 and took out my new board Isonic 117W Carbon!!! Yes sold my Isonic 117W wood to my friend Alvaro Raimundo and bought a carbon one!!! I also bought a Select VMAX 45 that I was going to try also!!!

With everything reading and feeling nervous I went out and had a blast!!!! The wind was already around 20 knots so I did around 25KM in overpowered conditions but loving each moment on the water with my friends!!!

The board is awesome!!! Like the wood one but the carbon model planes earlier and you can feel a crispier ride. The fin is also very good……with great upwind performance and downwind speed!!! With this kit I reached 47.5Kmh as my max speed!!!

After the session I was wasted but with a smile like a kid that has a new toy!!!

Sunday…….arriving at the spot the wind was around 18 knots so we rigged sails around 7.0 m.

I rigged Overdrive 7.0 ; Isonic 117W and Select VMAX 41!!! While rigging broke a extension!!! These races sails need so much tension that you have to buy good extensions not average ones!!! That’s a note to keep in mind!!!

Went out and the wind started to kick in more……after some reaches the wind was already around 25 knots!!! Shit……overpowered again!!! But no time to change down to a smaller sail so I kept going until my body told me that enough is enough!!! So after another 25KM done I came out with a max speed of 48.9 Kmh and another big smile!!!!

After all it was a fantastic weekend with my friends on the water!!!

Video of Saturday:

Photos of Sunday taken by Marta from Waira: (thanks Marta!!!)




GPS Track Saturday:

GPS Track Sunday:

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Happy New Year 2014!!!!


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