I´m back on top of a board

Hi there

Still on recovery mode dealing with my back problem, but getting better.

So when we had some wind prediction I decided to take a go at windsurfing again.

Trying to test my back to see if I can still carry on windsurfing or I have to quit for ever and sell al may kit!!

So far I think I’m going great despite having lots of pain after the windsurfing session!!

I leave you with a little video I made from my first come back windsurf session and some track of the 2 sessions made!!


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I´m back

Hi There

After a long break from the blog I’m back.

Haven’t been windsurfing because I’m having a lot of lower back problems, specially in the L5-S1 area!!
So in 2017 i have only windsurfed 2 days only!! 🙁 🙁

Now i´m getting better after a lot os fiseoterapia and core reinforcement, so I hope I can come back in 2018 stronger so I could get back to the old days windsurfing!!

Meanwhile a have in my garage new KIT the I bought for 2017 season but unfortunately didn’t use it yet!! 🙁 🙁

It was kit bought for HI-WIND sailing

A new in the box Severne Overdrive 5.1, a used Exocet Warp 80L board and a used Select S1 31 cm FIN.
I hope that in 2018 I can use it!!

Keep in mind that you have to have a strong CORE so you don’t have back problems like me!!

OD 5.1 2014

OD 5.1-V2


Exocet WARP 80L


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Awesome Weekend


Having so much fun this year windsurfing!!!

Feeling very comfortable on my kit and nailing some awesome gybes!!

Stiil cant believe how much I have improved this year after a 2 year struggle to nail the planning gybes!!

I still have a lot to improve on my gybes to the left but my gybes to the right are getting perfect!!

This weekend for example had 2 great days on the water……on Saturday I went out in 25 to 30 knots of wind using my Severne Overdrive 6.2 and Isonic 97, despite the strong wind I never felt overpowered and managed to do great runs with great gybes in between. When well rigged and with a good stance it´s amazing how you can control your kit with high winds!!

Making a move from a waist harness to a seat harness was also a great improvement for me as I can sit more on the kit and hold down the power!! For slalom sailing the seat harness is thae way to go!!

On Sunday I went ou in 20 to 25 knots with Overdrive 7.8 and Isonic 117 W, once again kit well trimmed and with a seat harness i could hold on and have a blast with my friends chasing each other around some improvised buoys!!

It was another great windsurfing weekend like others we are having this year with awesome weather!!



Some GPS tracks



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Long weekend windsurfing


We had a 3 day weekend as 25 April is the revolution and liberation Day in Portugal

We were lucky to have great weather and wind in these 3 days!! So we went windsurfing in our home spot.

On Saturday and Sunday i sailed with my Severne Overdrive 7.8 and Isonic 117W, more full power on Saturday.

I´m still tuning the sail but I’m getting there only lacking more speed but the control and early planning ate on point!!

On Monday the wind was lighter so i tool the Overdrive 8.5 for a spin…..in the beginning i was out of control but the i applied more downhaul and was on control…….again I’m lacking of full speed….i thinking it is the season start so a little rusty and not committing to full speed runs!! Maybe missing my balls!! 🙂 🙂

Overall it was an awesome 3 day weekend with my friend on the water…….I’m wasted!!

Let’s wait for now for the good weather and trade north winds come to stay!!


GPS Tracks

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