My board Quiver for 2019


Another post 🙂

I have now a 5 board quiver for 2019 ranging from 10 knots to 35 knots

  • 2008 Exocet Warp SL 58 – For more than 30 knots
  • 2012 Isonic 97 – For 25 to 30 knots
  • 2014 Isonic 107 – For 20 to 25 knots
  • 2012 Isonic 117W – For 15 to 20 knots
  • 2018 Isonic 147L – For 10 to 15 knots and Foiling

I hope I can cover all the conditions and have fun in 2019!!

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New Board for Foiling

Hi there

At the end of the season i got a great deal and bought a Isonic 147L 2018 Foil ready!!

I did this so i can have a big board for the light days and for foiling, in 2019 I’m going to start foiling 🙂

I am a bit sceptical about foiling but i will make a go for it in 2019 🙂

Some photos :


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Season 2018


The season 2018 is coming to the end.

I have not posted nothing this year because of being a lazy ass!!! I know!! I´m sorry!!

This season has been a return back to shape after missing the 2017 season due to back injury.

I have a long term life back problem that will now affect forever my windsurfing!! I have to deal it with so it been hard times but i have do live with it…..

Talking about 2018, it has been great!! Just the sensation of being back to flying over the water is like i was born again!!

I managed to improve my gybing skills and get a PB speed record of 55.4KmH or 29,91Knots!!! My goal for next year is the 3o knots!!

Some Videos of the 2018 Season:

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I´m back on top of a board

Hi there

Still on recovery mode dealing with my back problem, but getting better.

So when we had some wind prediction I decided to take a go at windsurfing again.

Trying to test my back to see if I can still carry on windsurfing or I have to quit for ever and sell al may kit!!

So far I think I’m going great despite having lots of pain after the windsurfing session!!

I leave you with a little video I made from my first come back windsurf session and some track of the 2 sessions made!!


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