Shity windsurf day…..

Well after 2 weekends without wind it arrived finally…..YES!!! :):):

As in these winter days the winds tends to die very early we decided to go to Cabedelo as soon as possible to get the most of these last north winds….so Rui Cruz and Nelson Oliveira arrived around 10h30 and i got there around 11h00….and the rest of the guys started to arrive, Carlos Oliveira, João Silva, Carlos, etc….we were about 10 windsurfers on the water….not bad for a winter day…

The wind was shift and very gusty going from 12 knots to 25 knots in a matter of seconds… if you rigged to big you could get caught out there with a huge sail and get blown away…..but if you rigged to small, as i did, you would get stuck in the big wind holes…..fuck!!!

So after all this was a shity windsurf day….from a lots of wind to no wind….you cant windsurf  in those conditions……

Today is Sunday and there is no WIND around….nothing…..i know that in autumn and winter these are the conditions we have but lets pray so that next weekend there is some wind and we can go out….

Some pics of me after coming out of the water…. 




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