Great windsurfing day – Fun and Sun


After looking at the wind predictions i was a little worried that there would be no wind this weekend….but i took the risk and on Saturday, 10 of April, in the morning i was on my way to our usual spot…..Cabedelo…..

This time i was the first one to arrive, after a few minutes Rui arrived but the wind was to weak, so we waited for about an hour until it started slowly to increase strength….it was about 12 knots when we decided to rig big and hit the water….

I rigged a sail and Rui his 10.0m sail…….so of to the water….the conditions were getting better, around 14 knots so instant planning wasn’t an issue….the water was very flat so we went out the harbor to the open sea….very cool and fun….

Meanwhile other guys arrived, Joao, and rigged 8.0m and of to the water to join us…..the wind had picked more so Rui went back to get his 7.5m sail….but i preferred to keep on my 8.0m sail, sometimes overpowered, but doing full speed reaches up and down until 6.0PM, so after nearly 4 hours sailing i went back to the beach…….

What a great day i had!!!!!

On Sunday i couldn’t go windsurf because i had to do my “Dad duties” and go play with my sons.

A video that i made with my camera in HD mode:

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