25 April 2010 – You Guess, windsurfing day… lol


As the wind predictions predicted…..lol….. there was another sunny and windy Sunday……yessssss!!!!

So off to Cabedelo, rigged up a 6,2m NP Hellcat sail and direct to the water, there were a lot of guys that showed up today for windsurf…..the warmer days are arriving so a lot of people are coming out of hibernation…..lol

So with more than 20 windsurfers on the water we had a blast…..speeding up and down our freeride spot….the wind was so perfect that you were planning from the beach until reaching the end of the harbor wall (1,1KM reach)  and back

After 4 hours off full speed and a lot of missed gibes’…..still haven’t managed to get them going……time for drinks and food….

This is a hell of a great way to face another working week….

Just a little video that I made:

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