Another fantastic weekend


This weekend was super…very windy all day long!!!!

On Saturday i went out soon because the wind was supposed to pick up very strong…….so i went out at 12h30 with 5.0m sail and my Futura 101 L board and had a blast and lots of fun until 14h30…then the wind picked + 35knots and i came out for lunch and didn’t return because the wind stayed strong until the end of the day…

On Sunday i also went soon because the wind also supposed to pick up very strong in the afternoon….so out with my usual kits I’ve been using mostly these days NP 5.0m Sail and Futura 101 L and had lots of fun……fortunately the wind didn’t pick up as announced so i took everything i could and was on the water since 13h00 until 16h30….of course with some breaks for energy bars and water….lol

Summing it up it was a very good windsurfing weekend with my friends on the water….as the temperature rises there is more people on the water each weekend……windsurf is not dead in our spot!!!

Video of Sunday:

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