Perfect combo – Futura 101 L and NP Hellcat 6.2m

Hi there

Yesterday, 26 June of 2010, I went to my usual spot to windsurf once more.

I arrived at 13h00 and went to eat something with João Leitão before hitting the water……while we were eating the wind was picking up and was around 30 knots, so we finished eating in a hurry and of to rig….

I rigged my NP Solo sail and got out my Starboard Futura 101 L but as i hit the water the wind came down….FUCK!!!!!

So back to the beach….after I came in and was thinking in rigging a bigger sail the wind came up again….so back to the water….but the wind came down again…FUCK!!!!!

Back to the beach again and for sure i went to get my NP Hellcat 6.2m sail and rigged it…quickly and hit the water…..perfect……upssss…….not enough fin…….so i went back again and trade my Drake 30cm to a Drake 34cm fin and back to the water….let’s do a reach to test the kit….finally everything seems tuned!!!

Now it’s the perfect combo – Futura 101 L and NP Hellcat 6.2m with wind around 20 to 25 knots….had a blast and lots of fun for 3 hours….YES!!!!

You can watch and enjoy a video a made of the day:

Pictures made by Manuel Novais (thanks):

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