Windsurfing and swimming……

Hi There

Today 2 hours of windsurf and 30 minutes of swimming with the kit back to the beach, the wind came down so I had to swim home…..good workout though…. :):):)

I went out on the Starboard Futura 101 L and a NP Hellcat 5,2 and had a blast for 2 hours when suddenly the wind drop drastically….

I didn’t think it dropped so much so I stayed training my gybes…..unfortunately I missed a gybe exactly where there was no wind at all…..obviously I couldn’t water start and the board is to short to uphaul a big sail… I had to swim for 30 minutes to get to the beach……I came out dragged and after 20 minutes the wind came up again….fuck….so out again for more training but I  was to wasted so I decided to close the day…..

Tomorrow more wind….YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! See you on the water!!!!

The kit i used today:

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