Bad windsurfing day


After one week working in Lisbon i came back home hungry for time on water windsurfing.
After resting as i arrived late in the night on Friday i had some time playing soccer with my kids then had lunch with them and quickly got my trailer tagged to my car and of to Cabedelo to windsurf!!!!!

As i was arriving i could see the wind moved energy generators moving fast and i said to myself “it´s gonna be fucking windy today, YESSSS!!!!!

On the parking i could see a lot of guys rigging sails around 5 an 5.5m sails. So I decided to rig my brand new Neilpryde Excess 5.4 that I just bought 2 weeks ago….i also took out my Futura 101 L board….as I was ready to hit the water the wind came down dramatically leaving a bunch of guys barely floating on the water with small kit…….shit!!!!!
I decided to wait because the wind predictions were for very strong wind in the middle of the afternoon….so I said “let’s wait before rigging a big sail…”

After 45 min waiting the wind picked up again and I went off to the water for some full planning reaches before the wind came down again…..FUCK!!!! Back to the beach and more waiting…….i decided not to rig a bigger sail (VERY BAD CALL) and had a shit of a windsurfing day… and a lot of guys also!!!!

In the end the only good thing I can take from this day is testing my new sail (Neilpryde EXCESS 5.4):

• Very light in hands
• Very stable
• Not much power
• Easy rigging

Exactly what I was looking for, that’s why I bought this crossover sail to use in very strong winds!!!!

Some photos:

Photo of my Friend Sérgio Queirós coming out:

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