First Gybe on video!!!!

Hi There

This weekend had a not so good day on Saturday with very unstable and gusty wind…..going from 20 to 35 knots in nothing…….so you got from overpowered to stuck in the water in a matter of seconds!!!! NOT GOOD!!!! So after 1 hour i gave up!!!

To add to that I had an close encounter with a big shore break that threw me and my kit around like nothing!!! Fortunately there were a couple of usual Spaniards that gave me a hand getting out!!!! Thanks guys!!!

On Sunday the wind was lighter so I rigged my NP Hellcat 6.2m  sail and got out my Futura 122L as I wanted to train in nailing those gybes!!!

I couldn’t believe it but I got 4 gybes in a row nailed so I decided to head back and get my Go Pro HD to get one on tape, and I succeeded!!! Nailed one more for the video!!! Great day out with 2 hours windsurfing with friends!!!!


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