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Light Wind Ride

October 30, 2010

Hi A video done with the Go Pro HD of me riding in light wind and alone in the water. It was around 12h30 and no one had arrived yet so I rigged and went out for nearly an hour all alone……. KIT: Starboard Futura 122 L Wood 2010 Neilpryde V6 8.0m Video

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Starboard Futura versus Isonic

October 29, 2010

Hi there Last weekend on Saturday i went to my home spot, Cabedelo, to do some windsurf. As the winter is approaching the good windsurfing days are being less frequent…..shit!!! When i arrived, around 12h30, it was windy already so i rigged my Neilpryde V6 8.0m sail and went out with my Futura wood 122L!!! […]

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Finally windsurf again

October 19, 2010

Hi After two weeks without windsurfing……it felt like 2 months i had the opportunity to get back in the water!!!! What a great felling it is after a hard week of work you can get in to a relaxing place such is the sea!!!! The wind wasn’t very strong so i rigged my Neilpryde V6 8.0m sail […]

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Starboard Board Finder

October 5, 2010

Hello Starboard have added a very useful Board Selector to their website (Board Finder): The Finder asks you to enter brief information about your board requirements and for your ideal budget and it will then show you your options. If you are thinking about buying a board in the Starboard range you should definitely give […]

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