Starboard Futura versus Isonic

Hi there

Last weekend on Saturday i went to my home spot, Cabedelo, to do some windsurf.

As the winter is approaching the good windsurfing days are being less frequent…..shit!!!

When i arrived, around 12h30, it was windy already so i rigged my Neilpryde V6 8.0m sail and went out with my Futura wood 122L!!! It was great….only me into the water blasting up and down training my gybes….nailed some more!!!! YES!!!

Then arrived more friends…..António and João….they rigged big also and came on the water….

At some time me and António went out at the same time and raced from the beach until the other side of the harbour…..about 1.1 Km.

I was riding my Starboard Futura 122L 2010 and NP V6 8.0m and António was riding a Starboard Isonic 133L 2008 and NP V6 8.5…..we weight almost the same around 78kg……but i could start planning early and get sooner to the other side as you can watch in the video.

Pure luck or is the Futura a really fast board???

Watch the video:

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