The Missing windsurfer

What a nasty thing happened last day i went windsurfing, 1 of November.

I arrived early at our usual spot and went for a byte (Big Hamburger JJ), after that the wind started to come in very light and some guys rigged 9.0m sails but I preferred to wait because I was sure the wind would come up….and I did so I rigged 7.0m sail and went out.

Meanwhile a windsurfer friend (Manuel Novais, still a rookie) also rigged his brand new Neilpryde Tempo 7.2m sail I went out.

Along with more guys, around 7, we were having a blast until the wind started to come in stronger and gustier…….sometimes I was really ridding on the limits but still managing the overpowered sail and board.

While I was on a reach I saw Manuel getting in stress trying to keep is sail up and going….he was getting very tired of falling down and getting up and was getting drifted out to the open sea.

When I and another windsurfer, Alvaro Raimundo, got to the beach we were looking out to see how Manuel was doing but not very well for him unfortunately…….he was on the edge of his strength and went down for the last time!!!

So when we decided to go out and lend him a hand the wind completely dropped….like someone closed the door!!!

We also couldn’t see him anymore and started to get worried because there were huge waves (5 to 7m) out in the open sea and it was getting dark……so we decided to call the Water Patrol to come and rescue him but no sight of Manuel!!!! Fuck!!!!

Suddenly we spotted him climbing the rocks on the other side of the Harbor, 1.1 km away from where we were….and it was like a YES!!!! He is alive and secure!!!!

So what happened was that as he was getting drifter away he could grab the last rock of the pier before being in open sea and could rest and then start climbing with is kit the 20m high harbor pier!!!!

Two pics of Manuel (One with him carrying his board and the another arriving at the beach in the water patrol Jeep):


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