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First windsurfing day of the year

January 30, 2011

Hi First windsurf day of the year!!! Very bad day, the wind was picking up so i rigged 8.0m sail and with my Futura 122L went in, but wind died completely, so had to slog a lot to come back to the beach and get a lift from a boat……its winter days so the wind […]

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My Windsurfing statistics for 2010

January 20, 2011

While waiting to start windsurfing in 2011 i will post my windsurfing statistics for 2010:

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Missing windsurfing

January 13, 2011

Hi There has been no wind and i haven’t had a windsurf session since 23 December 2010 so I’ve been doing some biking and running to keep fit….but i WANT to WINDSURF instead!!!!!! Come on windy days!!!!!! I need to feel the rush of speed….the thrill of gibing….the salt water in my body…..the wind in […]

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