Great day on the water to open the windsurfing season


As the windguru predicted we had wind on Saturday!!! YESSSSS!!!

I arrives around 12h30 and the wind was light so i went for a bit,  burger, cola, coffee and a cigar……eheheh….the wind started to pick up so i decided to rig 8.0m, meanwhile i was rigging the wind got stronger so quickly de-rigged and rigged my NP V6 7.0m and my lovely Futura 122 wood…..

Also started to arrive a lot of the usual and we were around 12 guys on the water…..not bad for a February day……

Had a blast with my friend with the wind picking up more and sometimes being well overpowered but always in control!!!!!

Nearly had a close encounter to another windsurfer, Spaniard Manuel, when he crossed in front of me trying to no hit Pedro Camara……so it was close to be a 3 windsurf crash!!!! Fucking Scary….as you can see in the video I will post.

Overall it was a very great day for the begging of the season!!!!!

Mean will a will post a picture taken by local photographer, Carlos Lourenço, of me blasting in the bay. You can also see my GPS track, 17,90 KM done with a Max Speed of 45,3KMH…not bad


GPS Track:

Video of the close encounter between 3 windsurfers:

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