What a great weekend

Hi there

After having so inconstant wind days finally we had some north trade winds from the best direction it can be at my home spot!!!!

I started the windsurfing weekend on Friday, after work I could manage a great session with wind around 28 to 34 knots using my Futura 101L and my NP Hellcat 6.2….….it was a blast going up and down well overpowered……i could manage my record speed with this kit….48.5 kmh as you can see in the table below:


On Saturday we had lighter winds so I rigged my NP V6 7.0m and went out with my Futura 122 L for some reaches…..had a blast again with my friends!!!

On Sunday the day was promising another moderate windy day maybe for 6.0m…..so I rigged my 6.2 and went out for some reaches but the wind dropped….so back to the beach to rig my 7.0m and went out until the end of the day…..uffff

Three days windsurfing in a row…..I’m wasted….time to recover because tomorrow is working day…….

GPS Track for 18-03-2011:

GPS Track for 19-03-2011:

GPS Track for 20-03-2011:

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