Windsurfing at very North of Portugal

After some e-mails and phone calls with Pedro Camera, Seixas Local, I decided on Saturday to drive one hour from my town to Seixas, Caminha in North of Portugal.

The forecast was for SW moderate wind but with some rain…..not good……but i took the risk

When I arrive the wind was already kicking in and I rigged 6.2 and Pedro 5.8 as it was gusty and instable I took my Futura 122L board for extra floating and ease to go upwind as the river was with some strong current to the sea….

I went out and made a reach to the other side of the margin that is in another country Spain….this river splits Portugal from Spain… we can say we sail up and down between two countries with is kind of nice….

The problem was when I got knocked out and went into the freezing water….my rig got upside down and I had a hard time trying to get it to float so I could water start….with nearly 7 min in the water fighting the rig I finally got it out and water started but that long time in the water ruined my session…….I was too cold so went back to the margin a gave it a day….quickly de-rigged and took my wetsuit of and went into the car with the heater on to warm up!!!!

Meanwhile Pedro was having a blast on the water with stronger wind kicking in and a lot of rain also!!!
WOW…it was fucking freezing in the water and raining all the time!!!!!

Let’s hope for sunny and warmer days!!!!

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