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3 day weekend sailing

April 25, 2011

Hi Due to easter holidays i nailed 3 consecutive days sailing at my usual spot!!!! I sailed with the following kit: Futura 101L Futura 122L Neilpryde Excess 5.4 Neilpryde Hellcat 6.2 We had medium to strong winds all days and had a great time on water…..could manage some more gybes but I’m still very far […]

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Fucked day on the water

April 17, 2011

Hello This day was my worst windsurfing day…… I arrived on the beach and the wind was light so I rigged 8.0m sail and went out with some friends for a session. Me, Rui Cruz, Cecilia and Joaquim where having a great time on the water up and down in light winds when while doing […]

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Kode in the water

April 10, 2011

Hi Finally i could get my Starboard Kode 86L board on the water….i bought it last year but never had the conditions to try it out. Today as the day….the wind was nuking around 30 – 35 knots so I rigged my Neilpryde Combat 4.7 all the way down and to my Kode to the […]

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Windy and sunny Sunday

April 3, 2011

Hi What another great day….today with sun and lots of wind….between 25 and 30knots!!!! I rigged my Neilpryde Excess 5.4 with my Futura 101L and went for a blast I didn’t have the package tuned at 100% so i didn’t get max speed……only 42.7 Kmh….i think the problem was the sail because it´s a crossover […]

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