Fucked day on the water


This day was my worst windsurfing day……

I arrived on the beach and the wind was light so I rigged 8.0m sail and went out with some friends for a session.

Me, Rui Cruz, Cecilia and Joaquim where having a great time on the water up and down in light winds when while doing a gibe my mast base tendon broke completely….shit!!!

I was lying in the water with the tide going out very fast….Rui arrived next to me and we decided that he would try to tow me in….bad decision….it would have been much easier if he had went to the beach to get another mast base so I could replace the broken one and sail back!!!!

So when towing the sail got disconnected from me and the board……..I was now floating on the board going out in the current tide……I tried to paddle to the beach but it was hopeless the current was to strong……..meanwhile Rui was able to tow my sail do the beach, thanks Rui, for sure it would be a lost 750€ rig!!!!!

While I was drifting to the far away beach, Amorosa, nearly 4km downwind of our spot I saw a kiter passing by and screamed for his attention…….fortunately he saw me and came to my rescue!!!! Thank GOD!!!

After some tries the kite guy, a Spanish man, finally could tow me to the beach….thank you very much for your help man….i thanked him a lot and he told me something great “Today I helped you maybe tomorrow you help me”

That’s a lesson for me and all water man and women to take along on the beach……windsurfers, kite surfers, surfers, etc……we all need each other!!!!

You seen the GPS track bellow: (Watch me drifting, unfortunately I most have hit the watch somewhere and it stopped recording all the lucky adventure)

Cabedelo April 2011

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