Another great weekend on the water


As the weekend was approaching the wind started to kicking in!!!

So i started on the first day going out with 7.0m sail and my Starboard Futura 122L……on the second day i went out with my NP Hellcat 6.2m sail and used both my Futuras 101 and 122l as sometimes the wind decreased and i had to get more volume to keep planning in the holes…..

On the third day i went ou on my NP Excess 5.4m sail and my Futura 101L board…..i was hoping and thinking to get out on my Kode but there were some wind holes that made me stay on the 101…..more secure for me as I’m starting only this year to go out on sub-100-litre boards!!!!

I had a lot of fun these days nailing some more gybes on the light and medium winds but a complete disaster when the wind is strong……need more time on the water with high winds to start nailing them as I do in less stronger winds!!!

After all it was a great weekend on the water with lots of friends and doing nearly 90km….my hands and body are wasted but my mind is happy!!!!

My GPS tracks:

20 May

21 May

22 May

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