Finally the Strong “Nortada” arrived

Hello there

Finally we had some strong wind this weekend!!!

Saturday was a strange day….i arrived at the beach and the wind was blowing strong so I rigged my NP Excess 5.4 and when I was to hit the water the wind came down so back to the trailer to pick my NP Hellcat 6.2m and my Futura 101 L…..when hitting the water the wind came down more so back to pick a bigger board, my Futura 122 L, finally hit the water and did some nice reaches until the wind dropped even more……so back to the trailer again to take out my NP V6 8.0m sail…..rigged it quickly and back to the water…..some more reaches and PUFF!!!!! No more fucking wind…..gone completely…..what a hell of a day….rigged 3 sails and only managed to sail 17km……SHIT!!!!

On Sunday the scenario was completely different, we had wind early in the morning so that’s a good sign that we will have strong wind in the afternoon……and we had….YESSS!!!!

Wind blowing around 35knot…..first with flat water so I took my NP Excess 5,4 with my Futura 101 and hit the water to break my speed record in the second reach,  48,9 Km/h…….but still far from my target that is 50Km/h!!!

Then the condtions got worse with huge chop……..1m high in the middle of the channel….so time to take out the Kode 86L…..i didn’t tune it well for the conditions so I had a rough time on the water with the board bouncing around in the huge shop…..but after moving the mast track more to the front it was a completely different story with the board now sticking to water and eating all the chop!!!!!

A video from Saturday ride:

GPS Track 4 June:

GPS Track 5 June:

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