2 Days….same kit

2 Days….same kit

This weekend i sailed on the 10 and 11 of June in nearly the same conditions….wind blowing around 25 knots and flat water!!!

So I got out the Futura 101L with a Drake Slalom 36cm fin and my Neilpryde Hellcat 6.2m sail and had a blast in the 2 days with lots of friends in the water.

Had so many great reaches up and down that I lost track of time….and when I looked at the GPS I done more than 50km each day on the water giving it a total of more than 100Km done in 2 days….UFFFF….got wasted…..so on the 12th, Sunday, opted to go out site visiting with the kids….went to a fantastic place in the center of Portugal in Coimbra, “Portugal dos Pequeninos”.

It´s a small replica of Portugal in the past with lots of history……the kids loved it!!!

 A video from the weekend:

GPS Track 10 June:

GPS Track 11 June:

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