Gusty day on the water


Yesterday we had a strange day…..the predictions were for weak wind….so I was thinking that it would be a day for 7.0 or 8.0 but when I arrived at our spot the wind was blowing strong already…..

I went for a bite on a hamburger first and then when I got back the wind was even stronger… we decided to rig sails around 5.4m I picked up my Futura 101 L and went out for a blast…..

The gusts were very strong and sometimes it was hard to keep the board flat on the water….i should have used the Kode 86L board but I left it at home!!!!

The gusts were strong and the water very choppy so I could manage to do 2 gybes in about 20 attempts…..bugger!!!!

As my friend Rui Cruz once said never leave nothing at home….bring all your kit to the beach because you never know….what you will need!!!

My GPS track:

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