The windiest day of the year so far


Today was the windiest day of the year till now!!!! It was blowing hard since 10 AM, and I mean more than 30 knot at this hour of the morning is not usual at all!!!!

As the strongest wind at our spot arrives around 15 h, we were expecting wind around 40 knots…..and they arrived!!!!

Only the guys with small kit and big balls went out with these conditions, as I don’t have small kit and big balls I stayed on the beach watching and taking some photos…

I was tented to rig my Combat 4,7m sail and go out with my Kode 86L but as I saw guys completely overpowered on 4,5m sails I changed my mind and decided not to take the risk!!! I know I’m a winnie but I like to go safe and take the minimum risk…..

Bellow some photos of the brave guys that went out:

Pedro Camera

Gonçalo Sarmento

Alvaro Raimundo

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