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The new Starboard Kode has arrived

July 20, 2011

The new Starboard Kode with a completely new looks……Starboard has gone radical and is changing the graphics on the boards…. At first it´s odd and different but when you get customized I think it’s new and fresh and they look great. A video of the 2012 Kode:

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New speed record

July 14, 2011

Hi Did it again….just beat my speed record on Sunday, 10 th July!!! Now my record is 49.7 Km/h…..nearly reaching my goal for this year that is to be over the 50kmh barrier!!! Hope this happens soon JJ I was on my Futura 122L and my Hellcat 6.2 very well powered up…..i was using the […]

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Sunday windsurfing

July 6, 2011

Hi Last weekend was a shit!!! We only had decent wind on Sunday and even that day the wind was very light for some times and then going strong for some moments!!!! I rigged my NP V6 8.0 sail and took my Futura 122l and went out….i made the first 2 reaches non-planning and pumping […]

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