Starboard Ultrasonic

Hi there

Haven’t been windsurfing much because the conditions are “NO FUCKING WIND”!!!!!

Meanwhile i had the opportunity to sail a Starboard Ultrasonic Carbon 147L board of a friend…..and i would say, it´s absolutely a great board!!!!

I was slogging on my Futura 122 L and 8.0 sail as the wind just started to come down…..while I was coming back to the beach a friend of mine went past me planning like nothing and just said WTF is he using??? Everyone slogging expect him!!!

Then we got together on the beach I saw the beauty for the first time…..what a view….full carbon, wide and lovely graphics!!!

He told me if I wanted to try it……i was reluctant but had a go on it…..BAM….beach start and immediately planning with no difficulty and no pumping!!!!!

WTF is this….it´s a plane, it´s a powerboat… it´s Ultrasonic…….just amazing feeling…..when planning the board feels very light and easy to handle!!!! The only issue is gybing….you have to put more effort into the gybe!!

I was a guy that said the 122L board and 8.0m sail for me is enough….nothing bigger…..but after this ride I’m seriously thinking in buying a Ultrasonic and a 9.6m sail so I can go out on those days that only the Formula guys go out!!!!

A video of a test made, but soon i will post photos and videos made by me:

Cheers and good winds!!!

Last windsurf GPS track:

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