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No windsurf this weekend

November 13, 2011

Well This Saturday the conditions were great again at Murtosa spot and some of friends went windsurfing………i couldn’t make it ou because i woke up with a flew so had to stay in house all weekend……shit!!! They had a blast in 5.0 to 5.5m weather conditions!!! Meanwhile I would like to post a little video […]

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Back on the water

November 8, 2011

Yeap Finally we got a day we conditions to go out again. We decided to go to a spot in a river, Murtosa, because there waves around 4 to 6m…….so no sea today!!! As I bought a new handy camera with a tripod I took it with me to test it and made some videos […]

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Our Local Windsurf Group

November 1, 2011

Well The weather has been from sunny 0 knots to very wet 50 knots with huge swells, 3 to 7m high,… no windsurfing lately……fuck!!!! I tried to windsurf last Saturday, 29 October, but the wind was very light, no more than 10 knots, so only the Formula boys with their 11m sails had fun…..….I preferred […]

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