First windsurfing weekend of 2012!!!

Hi There

Finally got out this weekend!!!

On Saturday the wind was so light that I had a light wind training session…..i went out with a big board a small sail to do some warm up for the season that is opening now with the weather getting sunnier and warmer…..and kicking in some north trade and thermal winds!!!

On Sunday the wind really kicked in and went out with some friends, the usual team.

Used my Starboard Futura 122L board and my Neilpryde Hellcat 6.2 and made some reaches up and down before getting wasted….the beginning of the season is hard because no matter how fit you are you work very different muscles in windsurf so you have to get them fit again!!!

But after all…..had a great time and finally went out this year!!! YES!!!

The link to the video:

The link to the GPS track:

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