Long time has passed…….


Long time has passed before posting…..but this is happening because we are having a very strange year in terms of wind!!!

The wind we are having in North of Portugal is very light or none!!! So far in 2012 I just sailed 6 days, comparing to the 13 days I had already sailed in 2011….this is a disaster for now!!!

One good news his that I finally passed the 50KmH barrier!!! Yupiiii!!!!

On the 14 of April I arrived at the beach to see winds between 25 and 30 knots…..very gusty….but WTF…its wind after all!!!

I rigged my brand new NP Hellcat 5.2 and went out with my Starboard Futura 101L……on the second run I hit 50KmH new speed record for me, YESSSSS!!!! Two more runs and I hit 50.1 KmH!!! YEsssss again!!!

So despite the wind being very strong and gusty the water state was pure flat water as the tide was going out in the same direction of the wind, leaving the water like a fantastic slalom and speed course inside the harbor in Cabedelo, Viana do Castelo .

The wind predications are very bad for the next couple of weeks……I hope that in May the North Termal winds return because everyone is getting desperate!!!!

New Speed Record:

GPS Track:

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