Finally a full windsurfing weekend!!!


Finally had a weekend with 2 days sailing!!!! Hope the weather is getting better and more stable for the North thermal winds!!!

Saturday I went out with 3 friends only as some of the usual guys are kind of not taking the risk to drive to the spot and noting having enough wind… is being a very instable and weak year!!!

The wind predictions were not good….showing very light wind on Windguru……but I was so hungry for windsurfing so took the risk and drove the 42Km to Cabedelo, Viana do Castelo, the usual spot!!!

When I arrived the wind was around 5 knots but increasing so we rigged big sails and went out.

I went out on my NP V6 8.0m sail and my Futura 122L… first we were only planning in the gusts and doing a lot of pumping……Ufffff……that’s hard!!!

After 30 minutes the wind increased to 15 knots and it was time to blast up and down despite some big lulls!!! But had lot of fun!!!!  

In the end of the day I tried João Leitão Starboard Ultrasonic again, second time now!!! What a board!!! You can just fly on the plane and keep on going and going……what a light feeling under your feet with a lot of control!!! You don’t drag on the water… fly over it!!!! One day I will buy a toy like this……full carbon…..full pleasure!!!

On the Sunday we had a better prediction for wind but it was light again…..i rigged my NP V6 7.0m Sail and went out with my Futura 122L board.

There were a lot of big lulls but still managed to have a great time with 4 friends on the water this day despite not sailing very well…..…missed out a lot of gybes!!! FUCK!!!!

For sure I need a lot more hours on the water if I want to raise my level to be able to participate in slalom events!!!

This day I mounted my Go Pro and made a video:

Saturday GPS Track:

Sunday GPS Track:

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