My New Speed Record!!!


As this being the worst windsurf year ever I’ve been having little sessions on and off…….

For great news is one were I’ve brook my personal best speed record!!! 52KmH…..yes…..i made it….this barrier and step is done….doing more than 50Kmh!!!

It all happened on a good forecast for a howling Sunday…..i looked at the tides and noticed that between 11h00 and 14h00 the tide would be going done in the same wind direction so it was going to be damn flat!!!

I arrived early rigged my Hellcat 5.2 and my Futura 101L and went out at 11h30…..second guy on the water, the first one was Manuel Novais as usual!!!

Made the first run and got 49.7Kmh…….made my second run and got 50, 1 KmH……….great but I wanted more!!!!

Went back upwind, took a rest in the sand bank and then came downwind as fast as I could doing a 52KmH speed run and hanging on to my balls!!!! Whow it´s a scary speed……..i can’t understand how those speed freaks can make + 90KmH……they must have huge BALLS!!!! I take my hat off for them!!!

Made some more runs but didn’t improve….so went out to have lunch take a rest and the come in for some fun freeriding and start the second target for this year………and that is making 8 out of every 10 gybes!!!! This is my new goal for the rest of the year!!!

I had some more good sessions, few, but some as you can see below by the GPS tracks.

No videos or photos for a while because not motivated yet to take out my Go PRO again!!!

8 July GPS Track:

1 July GPS Track:

24 June GPS Track (New Speed Record):

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