Back to posting and windsurfing again!!!

Hi There

Long time without posting but this year the wind has been on vacations so not a lot of windsurfing done!!!! Bugger!!!!

I´ve sailed some days in July and some days in August as you can see on my sailing statistics page

On July I managed to improve again my speed record which is now 54,2 KmH…..i used the same kit as I used to break my previous records, Starboard Futura 101 and Neilpryde Hellcat 5.2 (For sure super fast setup for me).

The best hour to do speed reaches in my home spot is when the wind is NW and the tide is going down leaving a very flat course to speed in!!!

Then after these few good days… wind again!!!!! FUCK 2012!!!!!

Went on vacations with the family and when I returned I could pick up on 2 windy days for 7.0m and have 2 nice days on the water (See the video).

Lots of training done on gybing….you can watch in the video that i´m improving……but a long way to go yet until I get the really nailed with speed in and out of the gybe!!!!

On these 2 days the combinations of warm water (not usual) and more than 15 days without sailing simply broke my body and specially my hands as you can see in the PIC.

Now trying to get the hands in order for more sailing in the weekend if the wind collaborates…..LOL!!!!

See you soon!!!

The Video:

GPS Track for the new Speed Record:

Weekend Present:













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