Sails Brand change


Finally decided the new sails i will be using this season!!

Was a hard choice but in the end I’m going for the Severne Overdrives.

My size choice will be:

  • 2012 Overdrive 8.5 (Arriving soon)
  • 2013 Overdrive 7.0 (Arriving soon)
  • 2013 Overdrive 6.2 (maybe in the middle of the year)
  • 2013 Overdrive 5.1 (maybe in the end of the year)


I will still be keeping my Neilpryde Hellcat 6.2 and 5.2 but not for long……as soon i get confort on the big overdrives i will buy the small ones for high wind performance and have a one brand and model quiver.

Hope i will adapt quickly to the sails trimming and navigation so i can keep improving my skills…..i think this year i will do 1 ou 2 slalom events to start getting the competition buzz!!!

I will make a report about the sails and the Isonic 117 Wide as soon I get them on the water!!!!

For now i´m going to start my training routine……gym and running to get stronger!!!

Have fun!!!

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