New sail arrived!!!


My new Severne Overdrive 8.5 has finally arrived and i rigged it to take a look.

The sail has great shape and quality, I rigged it on a Severne Blue line 75% mast.

As it is the first time i rig a severne sail I had some problems…..until now I only had neilpryde sails……there is some difference in rigging between them 🙂

But after some struggle and some phone tips from my friend João Leitão I did it…..well almost!!! I was around 6cm short from full rigging because you can’t rig a 3 cam sails by your hands!!! Bugger!!! So I just ordered a easy rig tool for the next time I can full rig it!!!

Now I’m waiting for the OD 7.0 to arrive and of course sun and NW wind to try them out with my Isonic 117 Wide


Some photos of the baby 🙂

1 - Overdrive 8.5


2 - Overdrive 8.5

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