Finally tested my Isonic 117 wide


Back to the water!!! YES!!!!

Finally after some time waiting for wind again we had a fantastic Saturday!!

After 1 week full raining, Saturday raised with a blue sky, lots of sun and NW wind!!!

So time to get the trailer hooked up and off to Cabedelo…..the usual guys had already arrived so after some chatting and getting the gossip done we started to decide what to rig!!

First the wind was very light so I was thinking of rigging my brand new Severne Overdrive 8.5…..but suddenly the wind picked up so I rigged my NP V6 7.0…..and took out my Isonic 117 Wide……upiiiiii…..this is the day…..finally going to put the beast on the water…..4 months waiting for this moment!!!! I felt like a little boy that is going to play first time with a new toy!!! I was very excited and also apprehensive because I was afraid that I wouldn’t adapt or like the ride!!!

So with everything rigged and ready i went to the water excited and nervous!!! Kit on the water….last few tweaks on the boom height and harness lines a deep breath and I’m off!!!

First run out and I think WTF?? Very soon planning……very stable…..and riding low…….is this true??

After some runs…..i stopped and said for myself…..what is this…..this board is perfect…..its plug and play!!! Heiiii….it´s a slalom board but it is so easy to sail it that you forget it’s a pure slalom board!!!! What a great deal I’ve made!!! YEAHHHHH!!!

You only tell that’s it´s a full slalom board when it accelerates and accelerates and accelerates……full speed but still very stable and riding very low!!! This board doesn’t run….it flies very low above the water!!! Amazing stuff Starboard!!

I´ve been a great fan of starboard riding the Futuras…..but this is another level….what a ride….and easy to gybe also!!!!

So in the end I had an amazing sail with my friends….Libório Silva, Pedro Camera, Andre Videira, Marco Morais, Alvaro and Jorge Raimundo, Manuela Novais and João Silva!!!

After 2,5 hours sailing I came out of the water with one of the biggest smile I had the last weeks!!! I want more days like this!!!

Some Photos taken by Libório Silva:



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