What a saturday!!! Severne Overdrive 8.5 Test


What a Saturday!!!

Finally the wind has arrived to stay!!! YESSSS!!!!

I spent last week looking at windguru everyday and hoping that the predictions would materialize and have a windy weekend!!!

The dream came true and I windsurfed Saturday and Sunday!!! 🙂

On Saturday I woke up early had a huge breakfast and took the road to the usual spot!!! I was anxious so I decided to go early to do some kit tuning!!

Also arriving early was a new windsurfing friend, Paulo Silva, that made a trip all way from Madrid, spain, to come and windsurf at our lovely spot!!! Welcome home Paulo!!!

So after some kit tuning I went for a bite on a hamburger at Aquários Bar!!! Had to fuel up the machine!!! 🙂

So now ready to start rigging..….the wind was light so I decided to rig my brand new Severne Overdrive 8.5……finally I was going to test this beast!!!

Rigging was fast and very straight forward as I had rigged it 3 times before to tune it!!!

Took out my Starboard Isonic 117W and decided to use a 44cm fin as the wind had picked up a little!!!

Off to the water……the first two runs where not good……i wasn’t comfortable and the kit was killing me physically…….so I tuned up the harness lines and went off for another run……..but still not good…….so I asked one of the best windsurfers on our spot, Pedro Camera, to make a run to help me tune the kit……..he made some more tuning on the harness line……..he gave the kit back to me…..i went for another run and everything was much better…….but still not perfect…….made some more tuning on the outhaul and another run and WOW!!!! This is it…..this is what I wanted!!!!

A powerful sail but yet very stable and easy to sail…….very smooth and perfect camber rotation.

This is exactly what I wanted……it went right trough the wind holes without losing power and when the wind picked up to 20 – 22knt I could still hold on to it as the leach of the sail releases the extra power very well!!! In the gust the sails is also very stable!!!

Please notice that I rigged the downhaul to the sails specifications and didn’t change it anymore!!! So it was good at low end and high end without having to come off the water to readjust!!! So sails approved and anxious waiting for the Severne Overdrive 7.0 to arrive!!!

The sailing was so good that I sailed 49Km on this day!!!!


Some photos taken by JoĂŁo Coimbra with is mobile phone:

Mario Milhazes 2V

GPS Track:

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