4 May…..what a great day….one of the best!!!!


Another great ride with my new Severne Overdrive 8.5 and Isonic 117 Wide!!!

I arrived at the beach and the wind was NW but a little fluky….….so started slowly rigging my biggest sail!!!

The other guys also arrived and everyone started to rig big!!!

As the wind started to increase i went out, first guy on the water!!!

First runs where crap because the wind was still light but after 30 minutes it kicked in and the fun started for 53Km straight!!!

Great time for improving my stance, confort and speed on this new kit and also made lot of successful gybes!!!

It was one of the best days on the water for me!!!

In the end of the day……we had a windsurfer girl friend, Cecilia Apura,  that drifted away…..it was her first time out this year and she got tired and couldn’t return to the beach so she drifted away to Amorosa Beach, nearly 4Km downwind!!!

Alvaro Raimundo and Manuel Novais stayed with her so kept calm!!!

In the end all went well but we stayed at the beach until 21h00!!!

After this full day I had to refuel so I decided to eat a huge “Francesinha” at Aquario Bar!!! Great place, great food and people!!!

Photo of the Kit used:













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