Great 1 of MAY


Finally the wind is coming in constantly!!! YESS!!!!

1 of May is another holiday as you know because it´s a worldwide holiday!!!

After looking at windguru the last days it became easy to see that we would have another windsurfing day!!!

1 May arrived and after a big breakfast I went to the spot, Cabedelo, …….when we arrived the wind was light in the inside but strong out in the sea, about 2 Km out…….that was happening because the direction was still NE……it has to rotate to N and better to NW so the wind fills in closer.

After waiting for 2 hours it finally materialized and shifted to N and then to NW with full power!!!

I quickly rigged NP Hellcat 6.2 and went in……uffff…..way over powered in the outside with gusts around 30 knots and the wind blowing a steady 25knots!!!!

Made some runs overpowered……tuned my sail….more runs and the wind got more stable but still around 25 knot!!!

Had a blast for nearly 30Km with my friends!! Especially with António Pereira as I was following him with a Go Pro in me head to film him!!!

A video from the day:

GPS Track:

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