Great Saturday…..before trip to Alaçati


Another great day on the water with lots of friends!!!

Sunny and windy day…..with stable 25 knot all day long!!!

Rigged my Hellcat 6.2 and went off or 48Km of fun and blasting around making a lot of good gybes!!! I´m getting impressed with my progression this year!!!

Hope that at the end of this year everything is dialed in, speed and gybes, so I can start and compete in some national slalom events!!!

At the end of the day I had a bad news….my sail was fucked!!!! It had a very pronounced wrinkle and by putting my head underneath to carry it up the wrinkle cracked leaving a 10 cm opening that I will have to repair!!! Well this sail, Hellcat 6.2, is my most used sail along 2009 to 2013, so I think I gave really good use to it!!!

Luckily her substitute just arrived!!! Severne Overdrive 6.2 together with Overdrive 7.0, both from 2013!!!

Looking great and waiting to try them soon but I have to delay that for some time because now I will be off to Alaçati in Turkey for a one week windsurf trip with my friends António Pereira, João Leitão and José Leitão!!!

Let’s hope for sun, hot weather and wind!!! YESSS!!!

I will try to make reports on the blog!!!

A photo of me on Saturday taken by Libório Silva


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