Alaçati Windsurf Trip Day 1


Well after the windsurf trip is over and I’m starting to get my rhythm back I will starting posting reports of Alaçati with some videos and photos!!

This trip was made by Me, António Pereira, João Leitão and José Leitão.

This is report 1 for the 22 Of June.

We arrived at Izmir at 18h30 and started with a little problem, the guy that should take us to the Hotel wasn’t there and when I tried calling the car company no one could understand English!!! Bugger!!

So after some time wobbling around outside the airport I finally saw a guy with a paper in his hand saying “Mucho Viento Agency” …..Hey I think that’s for us so went in his direction……another surprise… English at all…..fuck!!!

After some hand gesticulation and paper looking there was my name!!! Ufff!!! Then the guy wanted to take us to another Hotel!!!! WTF is going on???

After lots of arguing he finally took us to the right Hotel!!! A 1 hour trip in the highway connecting Izmir to Cesme!!!

I was thinking I hope things get better!!!

Arriving at the Hotel we were very welcome and took directly to dinner….UFFFF……..thats a relief…….and now we had people talking English!!!

The Hotel, Solto Hotel, was great!!! Great accommodations, great food!!! A must stay in Alaçati!!!!

So after dinner and the check-in made straight to bed…….I was wasted!!!! I needed to rest so I could be in shape for next day windsurfing!!!

Some Photos of the first day:






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