Alaçati Windsurf Trip Day 2


This is the report of the first day in the water!!! YESSS!!!!

This is report 2 for the 23 Of June.

So after waking up and having a Kings breakfast we head out to the SPOT!!!

We had to go to the Windsurf Center and get the rental fixed!! I had already in my mind that I would be renting at Active Windsurf Center because they had Isonics!!! Yes Isonic to rent!!! Wood and Carbon!!! Is that true?? For sure!!! Never seen a center renting these high end boards!! But if you go to Alaçati and want to ride them this is the place!!! The also have very good sails and lockers!!!

I had already exchanged some e-mails with the owner Salih Rende about the center!!

There are also another 8 centers around the bay having all kinds of brands so we wont have a problem renting kit!!!

There is also a big infrastructure mounted for learning in a area next to the Alaçati marina where the learners will be protected and always will have standing area for at least 300 meters or more.

Well back to Active Windsurf Center, it was a pleasure to meet the owner and all the staff!!! Made a nice deal with them and started to prepare to go out.

I picked a Isonic 117 Wide and a Turbo 7.5 as the wind was looking good. Took on my shorty wetsuit and went to the water!!! Going in to the water I was like WTF??? The water is warm!!!

This is going to be great!!!! I was thinking in going back to the the shorty off and just ride with a lycra and shorts but was to excited and started to ride despite feeling very hot!!!

I have to say that this place is wonderful!!! What a beautiful bay, crystal and warm waters with a fantastic windsurfing atmosphere!!! Just great!!! Hey remember that everyone here is going for the same thing!!! WINDSURFING!!!!

The people are very friendly so as faster as you noticed after some few runs you know everyone and there are smiles everywhere with the people having a blast on the water!!!! Saw on the water for the first time a powerfull girl that later would become a friend, Nimet Tulumen, you can see on the last photo riding in front of me!!!

For me the day was great!!! After delivering the kit back went to the Hotel had a great swim in the pool and a great dinner!!!

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