Alaçati Windsurf Trip Day 3 and 4


This is report 3 for the 24 and 25 Of June.

So after waking up and having a Kings breakfast I checked the wind and it was with a SW direction with is not good in Alaçati in the summer…….the best direction is N and NW!!!

Shit!!! And it looked like it would not change and in fact it stayed like that for 2 days, the 24 and 25 of June… with our hopes now on that it would change direction and fill in the following days of 26, 27 and 28 we decided it was time to be a proper tourists and look around!!!

I had spoken via Facebook with a Turkish PWA rider Melek Toraman who gently gave me some tips about the trip we were planning and offered us to show the Village of Alaçati.

We took a Bus at Hotel Solto in direction to Alaçati, it takes about 10 minutes and costs 3 Turkish Liras, about 1.5€. They have everything well organized in terms of transportation to and from the Hotels and Surf centers to the Village and Cesme.

We had arranged meeting at Sailores Hotel so we looked around and found it right in the center of Alaçati!!! After some minutes Melek arrived and we introduced ourselves!!!

She is indeed a very nice person, very charm full and friendly!!! After some speaking she took us around the not so tourist part of Alaçati showing us little and very picturesque stores, shops and boutique hotels!!!

We had a great time with her and thank her very much for being so being such a sport and very friendly!!! Unfortunately we didn’t have the opportunity to windsurf with her because se was in transit between competitions for the Turkish nationals slalom, maybe next time!!!

We also went out at night into the Village to see it completely full of people on the streets and bars of Alaçati!!!

It´s a very popular summer destination for Turkish people….….there are not much foreign people.…..the ones you see are there for windsurfing for sure!!!

We found it very nice and friendly!!!

It´s a safe place to travel with your family if you want to do a windsurf and family vacations at the same time!!!

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