Alaçati Windsurf Trip Day 5


This is report 4 for the 26 Of June.

So after 2 no wind days I woke up anxious…… i hope we have wind or I will take the first plane back home!!!

I was climbing all the walls and looking everywhere for the NW breeze……but nothing……11h00 AM and still a light SW breeze….FUCK……please turn NW and kick in I was asking and nearly when I was going to start the wind dance it rotated to NW and started to fill in!! YESSSS!!!! Lets go I said to my mates!!!

So we went to the windsurf center hoping the wind would kick in a few more knots of strength but it didn’t happened so I took the Starboard Ultrasonic, a 147 L volume board, a Severne Overdrive 8.5 and off to the water!!!

YESSS!!! Salt water and a breeze in my face it was light but it was wind!!!

It was a hard session on the water because there was a lot of pumping to get planning but after in plane the board would go through the lulls like butter!!!

So at the end of the day I had a physique session of all the pumping………had my back, arms and shoulder all pumped up and full of blood in the muscles so went back to the Hotel and had a fantastic sauna to relax and calm done for dinner!!!

After dinner I walked around the Hotel and went to rest because the next day there was going to be better wind for sure!!!

A photo of me with Jimmy Diaz, PWA Chairman and living in Alaçati, great guy:


Photo of Alaçati Bay



GPS track:


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