Alaçati Windsurf Trip Day 7


This is report 6 for the 28 Of June.

Well today was the last day that we could be on the water as our trip back would start tomorrow early in the morning!!!

Before the usual Kings breakfast some sun bathing on the pool I looked at the wind and it was already in the right direction with a soft breeze coming in!!! YESSSS…..we are going to be lucky!!!

We arrived around 12h00 and the wind was really filling in so I took a Isonic 107 and Turbo 6.5 and went out!!!

Had a time of my life on the water in this spot again!!!

Wind kicking in hard, sometimes really overpowered…….with some small chop and wind waves in the middle of the bay!!!! The board is amazing!!! Really sticking above the water flying above chop and waves like butter!!! Awesome speed always in control!!! A must have board!!!

So I was all the afternoon on the water making runs and training my gybes!!! Lots of people on the water having fun as usual!!!

Nearly at close time, around 17H45 and with nearly another 50kms done I decided to make it a day and call in!!!

Got my stuff from the lockers at Active windsurf center and said goodbye to all my new windsurfing friends!!!!

So that was it for this trip!!!

I loved it!!! Despite having 2 no wind days!!!! The spot is awesome and the people are great!!!

Will be back for sure and if anyone wants some tips about coming to Alaçati drop me a e-mail!!!

Video of day:

GPS track:

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