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Very Windy Weekend

August 28, 2013

Hi There As soon i got back from vacations i got back to posting 🙂 I arrived from vacations on friday but with a big flew and high body temperature so on Saturday I stayed at home recovering and watching the PWA Alaçati Slalom races on live stream!!! Good and exciting races commented by the […]

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Sailing before vacations!!!

August 25, 2013

Hi Sorry for not posting earlier but i was on vacations with the family!!! Didn’t take my gear so no windsurfing just quality time with the kids in Algarve sun and warm waters 🙂 Before I left on vacations I had the opportunity to sail some days, mainly light wind days, 7.0 up weather!!! Sailed […]

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Finally a windy weekend

August 6, 2013

Hello Finally we had good wind this weekend and I was able to try my new sails!!! On Saturday the wind was around 20 knots so rigged my Severne Overdrive 7.0 on a Severne 4.60 Blue line mast…..did some tuning and went out with my Isonic 117 Wide!!! The wind was good but with some […]

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