Finally a windy weekend


Finally we had good wind this weekend and I was able to try my new sails!!!

On Saturday the wind was around 20 knots so rigged my Severne Overdrive 7.0 on a Severne 4.60 Blue line mast…..did some tuning and went out with my Isonic 117 Wide!!!

The wind was good but with some holes so it was great to test this combo!! The sail is very powerful and you start planning in nothing if you have it well rigged with a good profile.

I rigged it like the specs demand to see how it was!!! One thing is that when a strong gust comes in it just accelerates and accelerates without feeling that drag front and back sensations that some sails have.

The one thing is that these sails need wind!!! Good wind….you can’t go out with the low end limit of the sail….it is better to use a bigger sail!!!

I´m truly amazed by their performance and looks!!! Love them!!!

Gybing was a pleasure and despite having 3 CAMS a big sleeve and deep profile it there is wind you gybe like having nothing in your hands!!! Perfect!!! Now is time to spend hours and hours with them on the water to take the best out of them in terms of speed!!!

They are also easy to rig and de-rig at least for me, just follow the instructions posted on the Severne Site and you will be fine.

On Sunday I had the opportunity to try out my Severne Overdrive 6.2 in 25 knots of wind and had exactly the same feeling as I had with the 7.0!!! The sail needs wind to go well!!!

I went out first with my Futura 101 and had fun but then at the end of the day the wind dropped a little so instead of rigging a bigger sail I swapped to a bigger board, Futura 122, and kept going for some more runs until I got wasted and called it a day!!!

One thing that now I have to buy is an adjustable outhaul so I can change the profile of the sail while riding for best planning and speed!!!

This was a great weekend I had!!! Opportunity to test my new 2 sails and have fun with lots of friends!!!

GPS Track for Saturday:

Photo of Kit used on Saturday


GPS Track for Sunday:

Photo of Kit used on Sunday



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