Sailing before vacations!!!


Sorry for not posting earlier but i was on vacations with the family!!! Didn’t take my gear so no windsurfing just quality time with the kids in Algarve sun and warm waters 🙂

Before I left on vacations I had the opportunity to sail some days, mainly light wind days, 7.0 up weather!!!

Sailed one day with my 8.5, another day with 7.0, and another one that I started with 8.5 but after some runs I had to change down to 7.0 as the wind became stronger during the afternoon.

Had some nice sailing, these Severne Overdrive sails are so good!!! I was handling a 7.0 with 25 knots!!! WOW…that made me a big impression as usually with this wind strength I would be on a 6.2 and usually getting already overpowered!!!

Also had the chance to try out a Select S12 SLAM 41 fin on my Starboard Isonic 117 W with Overdrive 7.0 and was impressed!!!

Thanks João Leitão to borrowing it!!!

What a difference to my Drake fins…..I’m so impressed that I’m going to gradually change all my fins to Select!!! No more spinouts and much more power, lift and upwind performance!!!

I also had the opportunity to make some runs together with Pedro Peixeiro, a Portuguese guy that participates on the National Portuguese Slalom Tour to measure my performance……my conclusion is that I’m still some big steps away from the top and medium level….so I have to improve a lot my top end speed and my gybes if I don’t want to make a bad figure when I will participate next year in the tour 🙂

Ups…..forgot to mention that on the last day I had a huge crash by hitting a drifting cable that made me do a huge catapult!!! No broken kit just some bruises on my leg and arm and a hell of scary shit thing!!!! UFFFF…..fucking people that keep throwing everything into the ocean!!!!

I leave my GPS tracks from the 3 days and a video I made with my Go Pro on a very light day!!!



GPS Track Saturday:


GPS Track Tuesday:


GPS Track Wednesday:


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