Very Windy Weekend

Hi There

As soon i got back from vacations i got back to posting 🙂

I arrived from vacations on friday but with a big flew and high body temperature so on Saturday I stayed at home recovering and watching the PWA Alaçati Slalom races on live stream!!!

Good and exciting races commented by the awesome Ben Proffit!!! This guy has a gift for doing this job!!! Very good and keeping us glued to the screen even when the races were on hold!!!

Thanks Ben for being there!!!

It was also first time with the big names for the Portuguese National Slalom 2013 Champion, Martim Monteiro!!! The kid is young and has lot of talent!!! With the right support in can go far on the international scene!!!

On Sunday I was feeling better so I went to Cabedelo, our usual spot!!!

The wind was strong, in the beginning + 30knot and then picking up to 35 / 40 knots!!!! So I decided that I didn’t have conditions to go in, neither physical neither kit!!! My smallest sail is a 4.7 and the guys were overpowered on 4.5 so it´s better to stay on land 🙂

So I took out my camera and took some shots of the people that were sailing!!!

       João LeitãoBB2

 José LeitãoBB3

 Zé AmericanoBB4


Pati DF


Alvaro Raimundo


António Pereira

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