New Kit feedback!!!


Finally had some time to blog!!!

Between work, family, birthday parties and sailing there hasn’t been much time to post.

Now is the time!!

Just wanted talk about some new stuff I bought and used on the water giving some impressions so you can take in mind when looking after kit!!

Bought a brand new Isonic 97 wood 2012 and already tried it out with my Severne OD 6.2 and a Select S12 33CM!! Max speed 48.2 KmH!!! Not bad i think for first time on it!!!

The board is awesome!!! Never had a board this size that was so quick in getting in the plane!!!

I have been riding the last few years the Futura 101 2009 and when I compare I just can say this Isonic is a big jump in early planning, control and speed!!!! WOW!!! Was amazed how easy also it was to ride the board!!!

Another thing that improved the overall performance was leaving the Drake Fins and start using Select FINS!!!

I bought also a Select VMAX 41 CM for my Isonic 117 W and it made a hell of a difference compared to my Drake Fins!!! Now I see I’ve been missing a lot by not investing early in good fins!!! It´s a big difference in speed, control and upwind performance with the new select fins!!! I used to have huge spin-out before but since I changed to Select fins all has change and I can pressure the fin and no spin-out!!! For me that’s great because I’m a heavy back foot rider!!!

Overall I’m getting pretty stoked with my kit!!! Now I have to get used to it so I can reach high speeds and great gybing skills with it!!!



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