The North Winds are coming to the end……


The season is coming to the end… the months of November to February the wind turns south and becomes very gusty, unstable and brings rain and cold!!!

So I try to take the most of these last N and NW wind days……usually these last days of wind from the North are light and that’s what I have been having!!!

Been sailing with my Severne Overdrive 8.5 and Isonic 117 W and having a blast trying to improve the most on my gybes!!!!

I think I’m starting to dial them very well getting a ratio of 8 in each 1o done!!!! This is in light wind……..when the wind kicks in for sails from 6.2 done the ratio comes down very drastically getting only 4 out of 10!!! Have to improve desperately high wind sailing!!!!

I have reached this weekend more than 1000Km of sailing this year……..not bad but not the best year…..we didn’t have a good July, sailing only 1 day when usually I sail 7 or 8 days!!!

This year was a year of drastic kit exchange!!! I started to change from free ride equipment do slalom so it was a year of trying to adapt to a new style of sailing being a lot more aggressive than free riding and more physical!!! This made me realize that I need to get back to the gym and train hard, very hard so I can get a great physic condition that will help me for sure sailing more aggressive for more time on the water!!!!

So I’m starting this month my 5 month preparation plan for the next season!!! I want to do finally the Slalom Nationals!!! I think in 2014 I will have for the first time everything dialed in for competing!!!

But in another post I will explain in detail my preparation plan!!!

For now just had a great weekend blasting around on my big kit!!! Saturday I made 44Km in overpowered conditions…..…wind between 20 and 24 knots and I was on my OD 8.5 sometimes way overpowered!!! Got wasted!!!!

On Sunday the wind was around 15 and 18 knots and I was comfortable in my OD 8.5 and did 32KM!!!

Now I’m back to work and waiting and praying for some northerly winds before they fade off for this year…..

Photo taken by Libório Silva:



GPS Track Saturday:

GPS Track Sunday:

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